reviews Predictive Innovation

If you are a fan of the business magazine Inc., like to keep up with the latest trends or are interested in predicative systems, have a look at the up coming issue. A good friend of mine, Mark Profitt, who is a leader in this field, will be discussed. See the below for more information!:

Be Two Steps Ahead in Innovation

I am always looking for new ways to be innovative. I love that throughInc, I get the chance to speak with so many experts on innovation, such asClayton Christensen, Sunni Brown, Adrian Slywotzky and Geoffrey Moore. These experts shake up my initial notions on innovation and inspire me to try new techniques with my company. So when I came across Mark Proffitt’s predictive innovation workshop, I was very intrigued. Imagine being able to predict what consumers will want before it is available on the market. Imagine not playing catch-up with your product, but being the frontrunner of an amazing solution. To learn more, I spoke with Proffitt himself. I was so impressed that I took Proffitt’sworkshop on predictive innovation — here’s a summary of what I learned.

Read the full article here:

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