Just who is Gary Dale Cearley?

Gary Dale Cearley

That’s me!

I am the Managing Director of Advanced International Networks Ltd and have worked more than a quarter century in business-to-business networking, international logistics and international trade. I have worked for some very well known companies but since 1996 I have been a successful entrepreneur. Over the years I have become an authority on international business-to-business networking, especially within the logistics industry.

And if I can I would like to tell you about the great company I run and the good folks I work with…

Advanced International Networks Ltd, a company that I founded many years back, itself is a very unique company. We have an international team of professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses internationally. When I say that we are unique, I really mean that. I also believe that we are very lucky to do the business that we do and to provide the services that we provide. Though in the grand scheme of things there are not many companies that do what we do in the world. However, of all the companies who do share the market with us I can honestly say that we are the only ones who do it the way that we do. It is the reason we are one of the fastest growing groups of our time, which has been recognized by industry media. Currently we are operating in Bangkok, Thailand, Cape Town, South Africa, Xiamen, China and most recently have have begun working in Cebu, Philippines. On top of that we are looking soon to expand our presence into Latin America later this year.

A bit more about me? Originally I am from the United States. To be more specific, I am from rural Southwest Arkansas, though I started my journey of seeing the world when I was just eighteen years old. I like to write, to travel and am a polyglot. I have lived in four countries to date. I have a son who will be eighteen years old soon and starting his own journey to see the world.

Keeping up with me!

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