You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink!

Earlier this week I had a very frustrating conversation with a client. He was complaining that he wasn’t getting enough out of the network. When I looked at his dossier I saw that he’d missed two of the last three years of meetings and that at the meeting he did attend he didn’t make any appointments on the scheduler at all. I surmised that the reason he probably made this meeting in the first place was that it was in his home town! When I asked this same guy whether he’d been putting any business toward other network members he affirmed that he had but when I asked which members he’d given any business to he balked because he couldn’t remember any. He couldn’t name a single one! What a waste of time…

Folks, there are no magic networks out there. There is no group in the world where you can join, pay your dues and expect to have business just rolling through your front door. If that’s the case then the key to success would simply be to join every group out there and sit at home! The key to network success, and this goes for network success in ANY kind of business is participation. You need to go to the meetings. You need to follow up. And you need to put your own business into the pot. It takes more commitment than simply joining a network. Only then will you, and the other network members, get any benefit from your membership!

One thought on “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink!

  1. Dear All

    How true it is that we all need to contribute to the network before we ask the question what he /she got in return
    Proactive follow up and regular interaction with fellow members in the AON network is definitely a prerequisite key to a good start to a mutually beneficial relationship
    Now that we have a good network we in forbes in india would look to leverage to see what best we can do in terms of closing business leads in mutual interests of member partners and would expect the same level of commitment from them

    Look forward to good times ahead with GARY spearheading the network interests

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