Jetlag: Do you suffer it through or make use of it?

Honestly, I don’t know any one person who has traveled more internationally over the past few years than I have. And that is not being boastful either. I have really put in the miles around the world. Aside from the obvious positives there are a few negatives as well. Firstly, I hate going through security multiple times on the same trip – quite often three or more times in a single airport! But the thing that I have hated the most is jetlag. Especially when it stays with you a while.

But these days I am taking jetlag a little bit differently. I have decided to make it a positive.

Before, if I found myself awake at 0330 hrs, I would struggle with the sheets and curse my bad luck. Now I always keep pen and paper and my iPhone next to the bed. If I find myself awake at an ungodly hour I ask myself the question: “Do I have a chance at getting back to sleep soon or am I too cogent for that?” If I think I have a chance at sleep I will get up, get some water, take a head call and go back to bed. If I think there’s no way I can sleep then I use the time for idea time. I take notes on any ideas that go through my head, whether they are for business or personal, then I make action plans, make reminders, send e-mails, write short blog entries (if they can be quickly done from my phone), etc., until my mind goes blank. I don’t, however, do any normal, regular mails. That won’t help to get the sleeplessness out of your system. I do, however, get all the surging ideas down to an actionable form, which gives me a sense of accomplishment. Once this is over I can have peace of mind and then have a more fighting chance to sleep.

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