Shifting my focus a bit. Or am I…?

I will be kickstarting this blog again in the near future, as in today. I think that I will expand the scope of this blog to not only cover topics specifically related to business-to-business networking but also to what it takes to grow and become successful in business, To have a successful business and to develop a successful brand. It will be kind of a journey for me. This is going to be a record of my self discovery.

My business thus far has been about networking, I realize that networking is not a function that is separate within a business. In fact the longer that I go and grow in business I can see that networking is almost business itself. As such, I believe that any blog about networking or a book about networking that so to speak cannot ignore other facets of business. With that be hiring, investing, planning, etc…

I’m not saying that I won’t focus on the networking aspect anymore. What I am saying is that I will look at business from a networking aspect and not only blog about networking. I think this is more of an interest other people anyway. But I also think that it truly reflects the reality of business in the real world.

From here on I will consider this to be my own adventure in that adventure will be chronicled. I hope to use this as a tool to communicate with other like-minded people. And I truly hope that this is a two-way conversation. I will act in a manner that I expected to be into a conversation. Let’s hope that you will do the same.

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